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These slick stocks will make your work look sharp.
Coated stocks provide great print clarity — excellent for images or material where quality is the main objective. Coated stock families come in a choice of gloss or mid-sheen satin with a mix of eco ratings and high-whiteness. These stocks also come in a huge range of weights, so there is something for every job.


    Satin / Gloss -113 gsm
    Satin / Gloss -128 gsm
    Satin / Gloss -150 gsm
    Satin / Gloss -170 gsm
    Satin / Gloss -200 gsm
    Satin / Gloss -250 gsm
    Satin / Gloss -300 gsm
    Satin / Gloss -350 gsm


    Always the designers’ choice, these stocks have the feel good factor.
    Uncoated stocks tend to give a more natural, flatter look. Great for anything that needs a touch of cool. All uncoated stocks have a non-sheen matt finish with varying weights and degrees of mid-whites and off-whites.


    Uncoated – 80 gsm
    Uncoated – 100 gsm
    Uncoated – 120 gsm
    Uncoated – 150 gsm
    Uncoated – 190 gsm
    Uncoated – 250 gsm
    Uncoated – 300 gsm

    Doing your bit for the environment has never been easier.
    These stocks are created for those who want to print sustainably without compromising on quality. With a range of colours and textures, you can choose between smooth, understated environmentally friendly stocks to the grainy, unbleached kind that unapologetically scream “I’m recycled!”.


    Ecostar 100% Recycled Gloss – 115 gsm / 130 gsm / 150 gsm / 170 gsm / 250 gsm / 300 gsm / 350 gsm

    Ecostar 100% Recycled Silk – 115 gsm / 130 gsm / 150 gsm / 170 gsm / 250 gsm / 300 gsm / 350 gsm

    Ecostar 100% Recycled Uncoated – 100 gsm / 120 gsm / 140 gsm / 300 gsm / 350 gsm

    ecoStar 100% Recycled is a new generation recycled uncoated paper combining whiteness, visual appeal, printability and runability of virgin fibre papers with environmental awareness.

    Envirocare – 100 gsm / 150 gsm / 300 gsm

    Envirocare is an uncoated text and cover range featuring a warm natural white shade. This raw yet elegant paper is speckle free and delivers high quality print results including rich solids and sharp detail.


    For seriously heavy duty work!
    The Board Series provides both one and two sided options for anything that needs a bit of substance — from general packaging through to document cover grades and stocks suitable for direct mail. If it’s card you’re looking for this is the place to start.


    1 Sided Art Board – 300 gsm
    1 Sided Gloss Cast Coated – 300 gsm

    If you need to make an impression, look no further than the Specialty range.
    From textured letterhead to coloured board, these stocks are designed to impress. Perfect for that brief where no ordinary stock will do, use them for stationery, brochures, postcards and anything that needs that extra cut through.


    Advocate Smooth – 120 gsm / 160 gsm / 300 gsm

    Advocate Smooth is a premium hi white uncoated paper suitable for all printing needs including corporate stationery and brochures.

    Botany – 150 gsm / 230 gsm

    Botany 100% Recycled is a reliable hard working recycled sheet, that combines raw and original style.

    Mohawk Superfine Eggshell (White) – 118 gsm / 148 gsm / 216 gsm / 352 gsm

    Mohawk Superfine is one of the finest printing papers with its amazing quality, consistency and uniformity. Superb formation, lush tactility, archival quality and timeless appeal.

    Nevertear – 195 gsm / 300 gsm

    NeverTear is a highly developed, printable synthetic stock. The smooth, matt surface enables a vibrant image while being extremely durable.

    Photo Lustre – 190 gsm

    Photo Lustre has been developed specifically for digital print, with the look and feel of traditional photographic paper.

    Stardream Silver – 120 gsm / 285 gsm
    Stardream Quartz – 120 gsm / 285 gsm
    Stardream Crystal – 120 gsm / 285 gsm

    Stardream is a distinctive range of papers and boards in metallic and pearlescent finishes that will add visual appeal to almost any printed application. Ideal for embellishment.

    Via Linen – 216 gsm / 300 gsm

    Via Linen offers Mohawk quality at an affordable price. This popular texture is the ideal paper for communication projects that need to be creative and distinctive.


Looking for something sticky? We’ve got you covered.
The Labels Series comes with so many options from permanent or removable stick, gloss, matt, coloured and transparent finishes. We have a huge range of pre-cut labels to make peeling a breeze. If it’s sticky….it’s here.